Track Lighting

Commercial track lighting offers an energy-efficient and helpful approach to consolidate lighting solutions into any space. Boasting flexibility and versatility, track lighting can be installed in a wide range of settings and proves especially useful for use in commercial and retail spaces.

Track lighting systems work using two principle elements. The Track itself can be mounted onto ceilings, walls, suspended or recessed, and the LED track lights can be installed along the Track’s length.

These LED track spotlights can be mounted anywhere on the Track and are completely adjustable. All the system components are secured in a single electrical system, subsequently eliminating the need for structural rebuilding and offering an easy and straightforward retrofit alternative.


Commercial track lighting is similar to recessed lighting in that they both can be used for spotlights and full brightening, however there are features to separate the two. Recessed lighting is installed in the ceiling. However, these shrouded fixtures mix into the ceiling, creating a less visual room and they regularly require structural redesigning upon installation.

Track lighting, on the other hand, is mounted straightforwardly onto a ceiling or divider surface, making this a less invasive installation process. As such, recessed lighting typically costs more to install than track lighting.

Recessed lighting is frequently the ideal decision for a more subtle solution. The concealed fixtures mix seamlessly with the ceiling surface. For spaces with low ceilings, recessed lighting is regularly the best choice, as track lighting will distend down into the ceiling space.

While recessed lighting is a perpetual fixture, track lighting can be turned 360 degrees. The spotlights can be easily adjusted, offering improved versatility and the capacity to enlighten any area.

Driven track lighting has numerous positive points that we’ve just addressed, including the ease of installation, especially as a retrofit alternative with negligible disruption. It also offers the ability to feature specific areas or products. This is helpful when used in a retail climate, as you can pinpoint the directional light quickly and easily.

Another favorable option is the assortment of track spotlight styles and colors accessible to suit your retail climate. You can choose from contemporary to more industrial designed spotlights for commercial sites.

We supply a 3 circuit LED track system, allowing you to split the lighting into areas. Contrasted with different fixtures and relying upon the track length, style, and the number of spotlights, the underlying costs might be more. However, using energy-efficient LED lighting will ensure that progressing costs are decreased.



When designed effectively and selecting the most suitable kind of track lighting fixtures, track lighting can indeed highlight the best features of any retail or commercial space. Here are the options that are available:

Surface Mounted Track Lighting

At the point when we talk about LED surface track lighting, this means the Track is mounted and screwed straightforwardly on the ceiling. Installation is simple, with tracks having the option to be fitted any place required, and is an insignificantly invasive installation process. The Track comes in various lengths and can be sliced to accommodate your measurements. For longer LED surface mounted lights, you can join tracks using a coupler and connecting them.

Surface-mounted track lighting isn’t just restricted to ceilings and can also be installed on walls, either vertically or on a level plane. It’s a great alternative for lighting objects at various angles.

Suspended Track Lighting

In retail and commercial spaces with high ceilings, suspended track lighting allows the lights to be brought closer down to products or areas that should be illuminated. This can be achieved using suspension wire kits or fixed strung pole kits. This sort of mounting also provides an attractive industrial finish to space. It can also be sliced and installed to make any length or shape required.

Recessed Track Lighting

Recessed track lighting is installed in the ceiling. The track itself is recessed, thus decreasing its visual effect. It, by and large, would cost more to install than the surface mounted choice. In any case, it is the ideal decision for a more subtle solution with the installation mixing all the more seamlessly with the ceiling surface. For spaces with low ceilings, recessed track lighting is regularly the best choice.

Dimmable Track Lighting

There’s currently a useful dimmable solution for a wide range of LED lighting. Dimmable track lighting is available and designed to give more control over the brightness and ambiance required. Many dimmable spotlights also decrease energy consumption and are compatible with many circuit track lighting systems.


Driven track lighting systems offer an ideal solution for a scope of businesses and public spaces, from commercial and office settings to retail locations and craftsmanship galleries. Track lighting can be designed for viable purposes or used to create compositional and surrounding effects.
Complement track lighting is generally used to feature a specific element, item, or area. Using the directional spotlights, complement lighting can highlight just about anything.

Another well-known approach to use track lighting is to highlight walls. This is known as divider/wall washing, where the light source is put further away from the divider surface, giving an even use of light to ‘wash’ down the divider or building. This gives the divider surface a level appearance.

Divider touching uses a similar lighting method to divider washing. However, the light fixture is positioned close to the divider (no further away than 12 inches) to feature and draw out the divider surface.
Here are some environments where various ways to use track lighting function admirably:


Retail Track Lighting

Choosing the right sort of lighting for retail space is a significant consideration. Establishing a climate that minimizes shadows and highlights products fittingly is vital. Successful LED lighting can give atmosphere, direction, and help to urge customers to come inside.

Driven track lighting offers several useful options for enlightening retail spaces. It tends to give general lighting throughout a space or adjusted to create tasks or complement lighting.

Track lighting heads can be turned and inclined at various angles for customization, and this ease of adjustability can assist with staying up with a frequently developing retail climate.

Industrial Track Lighting

Commercial and industrial environments regularly have high ceilings, which is why suspended track lighting is a popular decision. Using more powerful spotlights ensures that even with different distances to travel, areas with high ceilings can be sufficiently lit. To upgrade the ‘industrial style,’ you can choose dark track lighting and spotlights.

Architectural Track Lighting

Regardless of whether a cutting edge and contemporary or historical structure, design track lighting can emphasize the novel features of any structure. Divider washing or divider brushing track lighting can improve and show off engineering and the design of buildings.

Architectural track lighting can also be used inside buildings to increase attention on the inward construction of buildings. An incredible model uses track lighting for vaulted ceilings to feature specific details or just the ceiling’s expanse.

Track Lighting for Art Galleries

The convenience and adaptability of directional spotlight fixtures can feature artwork delightfully on an exhibition divider. That is why emphasizing track lighting for craftsmanship galleries is a famous decision to present quality in the best possible light. With numerous craftsmanship galleries or museums situated in historic buildings, surface mounted or suspended track lighting offers the most non-intrusive installation.


A commercial track lighting system can be either suspended or surface mounted. It is then powered using an end feed or live end. This end feed is then associated with your electricity supply. There are several types of Track, Single circuit, and three circuits. With a single circuit Track system, you can turn the lights on, and with a single switch, with a three circuit, you can handle the lights of three switches. Your track lights at that point cut into the Track anyplace along the length and can be moved as required. On three circuit track lights, the light has a switch so you can select which circuit you wish it to chip away at. It is critical to note that not all track lights have the same track connector, so please check it will accommodate your commercial track lighting system.

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