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Light switches and electrical outlets are the most widely recognized electrical interfaces in a home. As per the National Electric Code (NEC), there are just a specific number of outlets that should be set throughout each room and the electrical circuits in your home should have the option to support different outlets. Furthermore, you need GFCI-secured outlets in outside receptacles, in your carport and close to any open water source such as the kitchen and washroom.

In the event that you have an older house and are missing any of these basic code requirements, call Puccio Electric Contracting, Inc. We can give a careful inspection of your house and ensure everything is up to code. We can even fix these problems while we’re there. If you need to have another electrical outlet or switch installed, our Long Island residential electricians can do this for you as well, in a speedy and effective way.
Depending on how old your house is, your switches and outlets may have started to wear out. It’s time to replace them if:
Plugs easily drop out of the sockets

  • There is no power in any event, when devices are connected
  • You experience gentle electric shocks from faceplates
  • You need to flip the switch on different occasions

Upgrade Your Home

Another reason to supplant your outlets and switches is for home upgrades and inspections. Our electricians serving Long Island and the surrounding communities can install outlets and switches, as well as totally new electrical circuits to update your existing outlets. Newer electrical receptacles accompany USB ports designed into the receptacle. With such a large number of our electrical devices powered by USB, we can help shortcut the connector by redesigning your outlets. Or then again, if you have live outlets along with outlets that are wired to a switch, we can adjust which outlets are always on and which ones are switch controlled.

Call our expert Long Island electricians at 631-874-2098 right away if you suspect that your home needs a full electrical service or electrical panel upgrade. Your safety is our top priority!

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