Professional LED Installation & Maintenance For Your Home

Whether you are looking to add safety to your Long Island home or you are looking to make the most out of an area of your home after the sun fades, Puccio Electric Contracting, Inc. has you covered! With our first in class LED light products, we can create a sufficiently bright space to engage your guests or unwind, always following a difficult week. To ensure we are meeting your needs, we’ll work with you to create a design that meets your home’s specific needs. At Puccio Electric Contracting, Inc., your satisfaction is critical to us. That is the reason we offer free onsite lighting demonstrations.


Adding Safety & Enjoyment To Your Home

Here at Puccio Electric Contracting, Inc., our group of technicians understands that each home is unique and requires an alternate lighting design to fit the standards of that specific property. If you need landscape lighting to light up an outdoor area and add spark to engage your friends and family, we’ll happily walk you through the options you have with our LED light products, and afterward, actualize a design intended to get it going. Then again, if you need a light item that will give your property additional safety and improved security, we have just the thing you’re searching for. We understand how important safety is for you and your home, which is why we give long-lasting outdoor LED lights.

Along with the safety and delight that the LED lights we use give, our lighting products are incredible for diminishing energy waste and electric bills!

  • Driven lights give up a smaller carbon impression.
  • Our LED lights help bring down the cost of your energy bill.
  • Driven lights give a better quality of light distribution and better focus.

In case you’re searching for quality lighting services for your residential property, the lighting experts at Puccio Electric Contracting, Inc. are glad to give a design plan specific to you. Furthermore, along with offering quality assistance and products, we also understand how vital customer service is. That is the reason we make a special effort to ensure your satisfaction. Focusing on detail, speaking with you to locate the ideal design plan for your home, and ensuring you are satisfied with our LED lighting products is just another way of how we ensure quality customer service for all of the Long Island homeowners that choose to join forces with us. So whether you’re searching for landscaping lighting to improve the presence of your property or outdoor lighting services to illuminate the outside of your home, working with us at Puccio Electric Contracting, Inc. is the ideal solution!


How Our LED Lighting Services Work

As professional lighting technicians, our work here at Puccio Electric Contracting, Inc. is to give, install, and keep up the landscape lighting design you need for your home. In any case, to ensure you get precisely the thing you’re searching for, we must work with you to create an arrangement that fits the unique layout of your property’s landscape.

A regular appointment with us is scheduled when we get a call from a homeowner needing our LED lighting services. As soon as we get a call, we’ll schedule an appointment to come out and meet with you to discuss what you’re searching for in your LED lighting design plan. During our appointment, one of our technicians will walk with you around your property and make a customized design to fit your home and property’s specific layout.

At the point when our technicians get a call, they’ll schedule an appointment to come to visit your property on a specific date and time that works for you. Regardless of whether you need our LED lighting products for added safety, amusement, or unwinding, we are anxious to give you a design plan that fits your needs appropriately!
A type of appointment with one of our technicians here at Puccio Electric Contracting, Inc. will include:

  • A visit around your property to discuss what you’d like to see from your LED lighting design and the best places for installation.
  • When a design plan has been established and agreed upon, we will suggest the LED products that would best fit your property and lighting plan’s needs.
  • After your design plan has been decided, a statement for the installation and support of your specific LED lighting design will be given to you.


With regards to the safety of you and your property, appropriate lighting after dark is important. Our LED lights are energy-efficient and produce preferred quality lighting distribution over most different bulbs. Here at Puccio Electric Contracting, Inc., we understand how important safety is, which is why we just give the brightest and most long-lasting LED lights accessible. If you’d like designed lighting with the intention to increase the safety of your property, call us!


The correct landscape lighting can turn a plain, outdoor porch into an ample action space that you can appreciate with your friends and family! With the LED lighting products from Puccio Electric Contracting, Inc., you can create a space that can be used for engaging and, generally speaking, satisfaction. Regardless of whether you need a simple lighting design or one that is more complex, Puccio Electric Contracting, Inc. has what you need to make your outdoor space a pleasant, engaging area!


We’ve just covered safety and amusement. What else would you be able to create with an LED lighting design from Puccio Electric Contracting, Inc.? There are numerous possibilities, one of which is loosening up the climate. Everybody deserves a period of rest following a monotonous day at work or toward the finish of a stressful week. With one of our customized lighting plans, our group at Puccio Electric Contracting, Inc. can assist you with accomplishing this by making a peaceful space where you can unwind.

Call our expert Long Island electricians at 631-874-2098 right away if you suspect that your home needs a full electrical service or electrical panel upgrade. Your safety is our top priority!

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