Inspection and Testing

We offer Electrical Installation Condition Reports for all electrical installations as well as visual inspections and guidance.

It is imperative that you keep your electric consistently tested in any business property, as it is a legitimate necessity to do so. Our comprehensive reports are completely consistent with all legitimate and work environment standards, and we offer a regular, scheduled service to ensure that you never fall behind. Our desk work is intensive and cutting-edge, given in the paper and electronic structure, to ensure that you are rarely short.

All our work is carried out to BS7671 standards, and we are consistent experts, ensuring that your systems are all together by the Electricity at Work regulations of 1989. Our service ensures that no potential risks are left unchecked, and you are secure in knowing that even the largest electrical systems are safe and state-of-the-art.

If we notice any risks of resistance over the span of our inspection and checks, we will give you a full assessment and free consultation on the best course to take to ensure that everything is all together. We would then cite you for the additional service, which we will carry out ourselves. This is the most effective course of activity, as we will have distinguished specific issues and will know precisely what to do to make everything safe and consistent.

Call our expert Long Island electricians at 631-874-2098 right away if you suspect that your home needs a full electrical service or electrical panel upgrade. Your safety is our top priority!

Our Residential Services also Include: