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Regardless of whether you’re installing new appliances or renovating your home, you may have to repair or install new electrical switches or outlets. Current electrical outlets give adaptable, safe, and dependable power conveyance. At Puccio Electric Contracting, Inc., we offer useful electrical switches and outlet services to homeowners and businesses. We ensure your home is furnished with the correct electric receptacles to make certain that your home is safe. We’ve built up a strong relationship with our clients because they realize we put their needs first.

Outlet Repair & Installation

If you’ve seen that the electrical outlets in your home aren’t functioning as well as they used to, or they can’t hold the attachment, it could be an ideal opportunity to repair or supplant it. Having failing outlets can cause a severe shock and fire hazard. If you notice that your outlets spark when you plug or unplug an appliance, installing another outlet is a sign. You mustn’t attempt to repair or supplant your outlets without the assistance of a professional.

The normal household electrical outlet consists of two three-pronged, captivated receptacles. Every repository has a 120-volt ‘hot’ wire, a neutral wire, and a ground. Since the electrical code requires both ground or bound wire, it ensures both practical and safe conveyance of power to your household.

GFCI Outlets

GFCI outlets are ground-flaw circuit interrupters. These outlets contain test and reset buttons on them, and they are used to prevent electric shocks. Electrical code needs GFCIs in all homes, so older ones may have to update their GFCI outlets to ensure protection of their homes.

The electrical code needs you to have GFCI outlets installed in bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor areas because they regularly get wet. The GFCI outlets’ implicit element ensures safety. For instance, if you somehow managed to blow dry your hair and dropped the dryer in a sink loaded up with water, the GFCI outlet would shut off the circuit to prevent electric shock.

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At Puccio Electric Contracting, Inc, we care about our clients and help them get peace of mind, realizing that their electrical system works properly. Our technicians are licensed, prepared, and skilled to deal with any electrical venture, regardless of how big or small. Our electricians design, install, service, and repair electrical systems and parts in strict understanding with the highest industry standards. Our group knows you’re busy, and your time is essential. That is the reason when you call us, “We’re On Time, You’ll See, Or The Repair Is Free!” 

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