Code Corrections

Electrical code violations can become serious hazards in your Long Island home. These issues should be addressed quickly by a certified electrician. Some electrical issues can show up suddenly and be caused by obscure reasons. There can be a wide range of reasons why a Long Island home may require electrical code corrections deal with, such as, using unskilled technicians, home harm or the home may just be outdated. Regardless of why you need electrical code corrections, the Puccio Electric Contracting, Inc. pros can deal with it.
In the event that you have discovered that your building is not up to code, you can contact Puccio Electric Contracting, Inc. for help!

Does your home need electrical code corrections?

At Puccio Electric Contracting, Inc., we are prepared to take care of any code corrections on Long Island, including:

  • Faulty Electric Panels
  • Incorrect Size Wiring
  • Safety Violations
  • Overloaded Circuits
  • Electrical Hardware Upgrades
  • Damaged Cables
  • Poor Connections
  • Abandoned Electrical Projects

What is The National Electric Code?

In the United States, there is a public electric code known as NEC. The NEC is a code of safety standards for electrical installation and repair. The code is revised as new technologies are created. Code updates are released like clockwork, and the professionals at Puccio Electric Contracting, Inc. on Long Island are now on top of it.

Our electricians realize how to get things up to code and ensure that our customers adjust to the codes. We always stay current on the changes and ordered guidelines, as stated by the NEC.

Reasons to Choose Puccio Electric Contracting, Inc. on Long Island

Puccio Electric Contracting Inc. is a family owned and operated electrical business. We have been giving code rectification assistance for numerous years. Our group is committed to offering fantastic electrical support for residential, business, and industrial areas.

Our services are completely inclusive and cover everything from new wiring to electrical upkeep. We specialize in electrical troubleshooting and repair.

Each Puccio Electric Contracting, Inc. electrician is completely confirmed and exceptionally prepared. The state licenses them to give up-to-code, safety-assured electrical work that always passes inspection.

We are notable on Long Island for conveying greatness. All Puccio Electric Contracting, Inc. staff are:

  • Courteous, professional, and on time
  • Knowledgeable and experienced
  • Sufficiently prepared to manage every electrical issue
  • Exact and viable in recognizing your electrical issue
  • Wholly prepared and all set
  • Ready to give both residential and business electrical services
For all of your needs relating to code correction on Long Island, you can trust Puccio Electric Contracting, Inc.!

Call our expert Long Island electricians at 631-874-2098 right away if you suspect that your home needs a full electrical service or electrical panel upgrade. Your safety is our top priority!

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