Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are capable of making your home more comfortable and help to improve your stylistic layout. At Puccio Electric Contracting, Inc., we offer master ceiling fan installation services, including upgrades like adding lights to your existing fans.

With one fast call to Puccio Electric Contracting, Inc., you can forget about getting up on a stepping stool with a heavy, off-kilter ceiling fan and managing electrical wiring. There’s no reason to risk DIY projects when you have a professional electrician accessible to handle it for you.

Leave the work to the skilled professionals at Puccio Electric Contracting, Inc. What’s more, continue on with your busy day.

Benefits of Ceiling Fans to Homeowners

Installed Ceiling Fans deliver benefits that your entire family will acknowledge throughout the year:
In hot weather, ceiling fans create a calm wind, causing anybody close by to feel more relaxed. You can turn the thermostat up a couple of degrees to save energy and cash without compromising solace. Ceiling fans also keep cool, molded air coursing to prevent rooms from getting excessively soggy or stale.

  • Save in Winter, Too

While your furnace runs in the colder time of year, warm air rises and collects close to your ceiling. Ceiling fans, set in reverse, effectively use that furnace-warmed air, pushing it back down into living spaces.

  • Light up the Room

Most ceiling fans come outfitted with overhead lighting. If yours does not have lights, your electrician can presumably overhaul it with a lighting pack.

  • Useful Indoors and Outdoors

There are ceiling fans made solely for patios and porches to make backyard parties and BBQs more enjoyable and comfortable.

  • Embellishment

Versatile ceiling fans come in numerous designs to supplement your style in the kitchen, lounge area, bedrooms, entryway patio, front room, and other home areas. Homes with more oversized bathrooms or powder rooms regularly have ceiling fans installed along with exhaust fans. You can discover almost any combination of fan size, features, number of blades, edge material, metal finish, and lighting styles. Properly chosen ceiling fans attract your attention upward to showcase ceiling points of interest and make rooms look bigger.

Why Call on Puccio Electric Contracting, Inc. for Ceiling Fan Installation?

At the point when you’re prepared to gain the numerous benefits of ceiling fans, call Puccio Electric Contracting, Inc. for a professional ceiling fan installation. These are just a couple of the ways we demonstrate our obligation to add up to customer satisfaction:

  • Licensed Electricians

Your ceiling fans will be installed to code for a safe, trustworthy operation.

  • Solid Service

Our electricians are quick, friendly, educated, and professional. Each is foundation checked, reinforced, and insured to work in your home.

  • Safe Installations and Efficient Performance

Puccio Electric Contracting, Inc. is devoted to improving every customer’s electrical safety and energy productivity.

  • Tender loving care

Our electricians ensure that fans are flush with the ceiling, without the apparent hole you may discover in novice installations. We’ll ensure that the fan blades are adjusted adequately for productive, calm operation, and considerably more.

  • Ensured Results

Puccio Electric Contracting, Inc. delivers the highest quality service, repair, and installation services. We stand behind our work.

  • A Name You Know and Trust

Puccio Electric Contracting, Inc. is a broadly known brand with roots locally.

A Free Home Electrical Inspection Is Included With Each Ceiling Fan Installation

In the wake of installing your ceiling fan, your nearby Puccio Electric Contracting, Inc. can inspect your whole home electrical system for nothing. It’s an extraordinary method to see whether your wiring is up to the latest safety code or if you have a shrouded power issue. Could you use more surge insurance? Are your lighting fixtures and bulbs energy effective? We will likely give our customers peace of mind, and our free professional electrical inspection is one way we do that.

Call our expert Long Island electricians at 631-874-2098 right away if you suspect that your home needs a full electrical service or electrical panel upgrade. Your safety is our top priority!

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