In Loving Memory


This is a Dedication to My Brother, Paul.


My brother Paul was diagnosed with Crohns disease when he was 18 years old. After over 20 surgeries and many years of trying to fight off this horrible disease, it was time for Paul to have an Intestinal Transplant. The Transplant was performed in Washington, DC. Paul recovered from the Transplant back in October of 2005. My family and I had Thanksgiving in Washington that year to be with Paul. Christmas came around and Paul was back on his feet and at home in Smithtown where we were from. The holidays had come and gone with good news here and there. Paul came to work for me, which till today was the most wonderful time in my life. We were so close as brothers and I never thought we could have gotten closer but we had. April had come around and Paul’s body had suddenly rejected the organ. He immediately went back into ICU in Washington where he would again fight for his life. Paul would then stay in ICU for the next 3 months. Paul had passed away on his 37 Birthday with his family by his side.

emma2Paul has left behind a Wonderful wife and a Beautiful Daughteremma1

Emma Rose

Paul I want you to know that we love you and
will never let the Moped run out of gas!

JULY 16,1968 TO JULY 16,2005

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Please take a moment to view a photo gallery of my brother Paul.

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