Don’t get “strung out” by stormy weather; our back-up generators provide peace of mind

Feel secure during severe storms
Storms are a fact of life here on Long Island. We love to live here, but it makes sense to be prepared for the challenges that blow across our shores. Hurricanes Irene & Katrina interrupted power to parts of our island for hours, days and for some unfortunate areas-weeks. While a back-up generator can’t prevent a storm damage, it can often provide the critical difference between minor inconvenience and major lifestyle disruption. Here, at Puccio Electric we will configure a back-up solution to match your needs and budget. We have installed hundreds of residential and commercial generator solutions that have been providing dependable service for years.

Whole House Backup
We can configure a backup generator solution that will provide power for all your home’s existing circuits. The backup generator is usually located in a discrete area of your yard and is powered by natural gas or propane (diesel models are available) Our backup solutions include an automatic transfer switch that senses the absence of utility power and safely disconnect your house from the utility power and activates the generator. You’ll go from blackout to “lights on” in about 10 seconds! We can also provide optional modules that enable you to monitor your system from your Smartphone-so you’ll know the status of your house anytime; anywhere!

Critical Circuit Backup
We can work with you to develop a backup solution that provides power for the critical circuits in your home using a portable generator.

These circuits may include:

  • Refrigerator
  • Gas or Oil/ Hot Water
  • Selected Lighting Circuits
  • Selected Receptacles circuits
  • Sump Pump

Our critical circuit backup solution is extremely flexible. It is dependable largely on the size of generator desired. Additionally, Puccio Electric can provide the generator at your  request or you can acquire it yourself. Either way, we will install and configure the solution for maximum utility and value

Did you know
Recent studies have shown that the value of your home will increase by over 95% of the value of your backup generator investment? That’s an excellent return!!